Posted on: Monday, January 30, 2012
Information Regarding the Veteran Texas Driver License
Austin, Tx
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January 30, 3012

The Department of Public Safety shall include the designation "VETERAN" on the face of any class or type of Texas driver license issued to a veteran in compliance with Section 521.1235 of the Texas Transportation Code.

In this section, "veteran" means a person who has:

Served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Marine Corps of the United States;
Served in the Texas National Guard as defined by Section 431.001, Government Code, which includes veterans who served in the Texas Army and Air National Guard but does not include individuals who have served in the Texas State Guard only; and
Been honorably discharged from the branch of service in which the person served.
Veterans who are not United States citizens but served and received an honorable discharge from one of the services listed above are eligible to receive the "VETERAN" designation on their Texas driver license upon request.
Note:  The "Veteran" designation is not available on a Texas identification card at this time.
Establishing proof of Veteran's military service
Every person who has previously served in the military will have a discharge status.  There are five basic types of military discharges:

General (under honorable conditions);
Other than honorable;
Bad conduct and;
To be eligible for the veteran designation to be placed on their driver license, the veteran must present a DD-214 or DD-215 (corrected copy of DD-214), signifying they received an honorable discharge orgeneral (under honorable conditions) from the branch of service in which the person served.
Process to add Veteran designation on driver license

The veteran will visit a driver license office and initiate the request to have the veteran designation placed on their driver license.
Upon the initial request, the veteran will provide military documents (DD-214, DD-215) signifying they received an honorable discharge.  Once the veteran status has been recorded in DLS, military documents will not be required to maintain the veteran designation on subsequent transactions.
A duplicate transaction fee will be applied to obtain a duplicate driver license reflecting an added or removed veteran designation (See caveat below for disabled veterans).  However, the veteran will not be charged an additional fee to add/remove the veteran designation while applying for:
An original driver license;
A renewal;
Modification or upgrade of the class of their driver license;
Change of address; or
Replacement of a lost or stolen license.
Out of State/Country Veterans
Veterans who are out of the state may request the veteran designation by mail for a driver license only by providing the following:

A complete out of state/country application (RIS-50);
A copy of DD-214 or DD-215;
Proof of Social Security number;
DL-43 (TX driver license or ID card renewal - duplicate application);
DL-63 (Explanation of Eye Specialist) if renewing a driver license; and
Required fee.
Mail all required documents along with the payment.  We will accept check, money order or cashier's check payable to the Texas Department of Public Safety:

                  Texas Department of Public Safety
                  PO Box 15999
                  Austin, TX  78761-5999
Information regarding disabled veterans
Disabled veterans who provide proof of a service-related disability of at least 60% will not be charged a fee for any driver license or identification card transaction.

 Reader Comment 

Great! I was ttold at DMV that I had to pay 11 dollars to make an application to have a renewl by mail. They have me in their recordsa that I have a disable license (100%) but said I still had to pay. Thank you for all info. you send me. God Bless and be safe.
Joe Romano




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